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Is there such a thing as being a good local? Well if there is, the locals in Batukaras are the best. Seriously!

Never ever have I been cheered-on to a wave by a local while they are still riding the same wave that they are cheering me on to. They smile and talk to everybody in the water, no matter how good or bad you are at surfing and they are genuinely happy all the time. If someone is in their way or accidentally drops in on them or even runs in to them, they just smile and paddle back out (“Tidak apa app!”). It seems like they have all figured out that a wave is just a wave and that there will always be more. So if one wave is ruined there is no problem, just have fun on the next one!

And when it comes to skills.. They are all amazing! The groms carve the wave like world tour surfers and the retro guys dance on the longboards like they would on land. They do it all with smiles on their faces.

This video hopefully shows how cool the sunset surfs are here in Batukaras. If everybody smiles in the water, it does not matter that it is crowded.

// Axel

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