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How a volcano ended our trip

After a hectic few days, Axel and I have landed in Stockholm. We decided that going to Bali and risking being stuck there for who knows how long wasn’t a good option for us. So we packed up our bags, spent two nights in Jakarta, then left for Stockholm.

Qatar airways has been such a good help with everything this trip. No hussle, no worries. They changed our departure ticket from Denpasar to Jakarta super quickly which was such a huge relief. And me and Axel spent our two days at the arcade in the mall and stuffing our mouths with everything that wasn’t rice with vegetables.

I’m writing this in my bed at 4 o’ clock in the morning. It’s cold, I’m jet lagged as hell, and I miss wonderful Indonesia already. So let’s celebrate this end to an awesome trip by looking at my favourite photos from some really good times. Hope you enjoy and i’ll see you soon Indonesia!

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// Julia

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