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A three minute clip, from a place where six months seem like 5 minutes.

“Skwiik”! It is finally here!

This video is a short compilation from a couple of sessions around Indonesia. From Bali to Northern Sumatra and everything in between. Just like the daily pace in Indo, this video is slowed down. I’m already looking forward to the next indo-trip. It’s been really nice. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed.

Thanks to my sponsors [ Rustysurfboards ] [ About:Blank ] [ SurfEars ] [HappiCollective ] for giving me clothes, boards and earplugs. Thank you Anna for helping me get the board I needed. Special thanks to the people that let us stay with them; Yudi at Yudisplace, The Trott family at IstanaBalian and Amy at Amysplace-sumatra.

// Axel

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